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What's the scent like?

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1 What's the scent like? on Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:45 pm

Hi, Ladies! I've been using Booby Stacked Cream for 3 weeks now. I can't say that it's really done anything to increase my breast size, but I'm also taking PM and other natural breast enhancement herbs internally. I actually started getting soreness just three days after starting the cream, but as soon as I added the internals it stopped. So I think my lack of results have more to do with the fact that the two may be interfering with each other.

Anyway, that's not what this is about. I'm wondering how the smell is with the Booty Stacked Cream. I love the smell of the Booby Stacked! My boyfriend loves it as well, though he doesn't know what it's from. He just knows that my chest now smells like "cake batter," as he describes it. I just ordered a jar of Booty Stacked but I'm a little concerned about the smell. All I've really been able to find was that it has a little bit of a "nutty" smell with maybe a hint of ginger? My boyfriend really adores my butt and pays it a lot of attention. He's also pretty particular about scents. I'm afraid that there might be some kind of fishy smell to the cream and I definitely do not want any sort of fishy smell down there! I've read about how one woman had to stop using it because her clothes became stained with a fishy type smell. I've also read that some women have used the Booby Stacked on their butts too and gained there and in the breasts. I've actually been using it only once per day on my butt and I can feel more in the back when I walk. Nothing super drastic (though like I said, I've only used it there once per day and in very small amounts) but there's more jiggle. And I know it smells good, so it seems like a safe bet. I just would rather go with the Booty Stacked if it could give even better results! Has anyone here had a problem with a fishy smell?


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