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Big booty exercise!!!!

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1 Big booty exercise!!!! on Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:30 pm

yay! Hey everyone im gonna help stacked cream and tell you guys about an exercise that you guys can do that helps build the butt muscle the Gluteus maximus. it is called butt clenches, doing this is better than not doing anything at all. doing this exercise can super charge the results u get with the cream. im going tell you guys how to do it 1.Stand up straight and try to relax your body while keeping your spine straight and knees slightly bent. 2.Muscle-squeeze and clench your butt cheeks together hard for 10 seconds. 3.Focus the muscle-squeeze in the butt area making a conscious effort to relax your neck, hands and other parts of the body. Tensing any other muscles is a waste of energy that could have gone to your booty. 4.Repeat these hard, long squeezes 4 more times for a total of 5 repetitions. 5.Now, do a series of 10 less intense and shorter clenches. These are done quickly but still firmly. remember you have to squeeze hard enough so your butt gets bigger!! you guys can do this before you take a shower and apply the cream, your butt is going to be exhausted from this little exercise butt soon as u apply the cream your butt is deff gooing to get bigger. You'll be working on your butt, thighs and even your PC muscles if you squeeze hard enough (PC muscles control urine flow! GOOD luck on your growing everyone! sunny

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2 Re: Big booty exercise!!!! on Sun Feb 05, 2012 8:28 pm

Thanks for the post! Thumbs Up

I have done these before LOL
Not standing tho... I have done this laying down or sitting. Could that effect my result?

- xoxo
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